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We offer our services to various sectors be it a small or large. Our solutions are affordable, easy to deploy, analytic system designed for IT automations who need actionable metrics.

Software Development

We aim to produce software that meet and exceed customer expectations at global standards, reaching customers on-time and cost effective.

Warehouse & Logistics Solutions

We integrate our software with IT integrated devices and services. Also automate machinery to improve the efficiency of Warehouse and logistics operations.

Robotics & Automation

Our R&D centre designs, builds programs for multiple disciplines to incorporate in robotic application aiming increased production efficiency reducing human errors.

Packaged Solutions

Prebuilt standard off the shelf Packaged Software solutions that can be custom built and tailored to suit every customer requirements.

Products & Services

At HASPL we offer solutions for wide range of products and services that enables client to choose the product or services that fit their tech needs.

Warehouse Process

The fundamental warehouse process solution comprise Inward, putaway, storage, picking, packing, and shipping processes. HASPL provides you end to end solutions for warehouse process requirements.

Packaged Solutions

Packaged solutions involve software and/or services that can be tailored to achieve a specific scope of work. For instance, a packaged solution for HRMS might consist of pre-configured software, related implementation services, and training bundled together as a single unit

Industry Automation

Industrial automation is the use of control systems, such as HMI,PLC, Robots, Conveyors etc.Combined with information technologies to handle different processes and machineries for an industrial requirement. It is the second step beyond mechanization in acheiving Industry 5.0.

Identification Solutions

Thermal Scanners, Bio-Metric Readers and Face & Finger Print Scanner that provide genuinely efficient solutions for identification tasks. With HASPL you have the choice: For decades, HASPL has been a pioneer in Video Analytics solutions, a market leader in industrial code reading, and an innovator of Identification technology.


HASPL is a one-stop shop for Industrial Automation & IT Solutions with expertise in several multi-disciplinary technologies and industrial application domains.

Warehouse Process

  • ASSET TRACKING: HASPL provides solutions for asset tracability using AIDC       devices, that includes scanning barcode labels, RFID/NFC tags, GPS, BLE or Lora       for asset tracking and tracability solutions for both inward and outward of       material movement.
  • PICKING PROCESS: As per customers order fullfilment requirements our       solutions enable location finding, route optimization and SKU identification for       picking the products from a warehouse location using N2L, Barcode & RFID       automation methodologies to complete order fullfilment.
  • KITTING PROCESS: Kitting is a process where the sub items are pre-assembled,       grouped, organized and kept ready to be sent sequentially for line production       based on a sequential production plan using N2L, Barcode & RFID automation       methodologies to complete Kitting fullfilment.

Packaged Solutions

HASPL is the reliable source for tailored made applications and business knowledge. We help a variety of mid-to large-sized companies in a wide range of industries meet their tactical, strategic, and business goals through successful, cost-effective implementation, integration and support of leading enterprise software packages and technology infrastructure.

  • e-HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
  • e-pay (Payroll)
  • Club Ikon (Club Management Software)
  • Grockle (Visitor Management Software)
  • CMS (Cafeteria Management Software)
  • BPS (Barcoode Printing Software)
  • RPA (Remote Print Anywhere)
  • ATS (Asset Tracking Solutions)
  • PTL (Pick To Light solutions)

Key Benefits: Experience, strong partnerships with industry leadership are the key to excel in each of HASPL projects. We work closely with partners to develop customer focused solutions with updated features, functionality and technology.

Industry Automations

Industrial automation is an area we excel in and provide the best solutions aimed at global standards. Our Products & Solutions are known for its effectiveness and reliability having experience in handling many industrials projects. We work with leaders of Industrial automation in local and global market.

  • ROBOTIC ARM is used for multiple industrial applications, such as Pick and Place,        sorting and material handling, quality checking process to name a few.
  • AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle is a robot that follows markers or uses GPS or       lasers. They are most often used in industrial applications to move materials       around a manufacturing facility.

Identification Solutions

HASPL provides superior liveness (spoof) detection. Its surface/subsurface capability can discriminate between real fingers and simulated fingerprint ridges. This makes the technology less susceptible to a wide range of well-known counterfeit attacks. Multispectral imaging can also quickly detect a fake by characterizing the subsurface data against the known characteristics of the human skin.

  • Video Analytics
  • Bio Metrics Reader
  • Thermal Scanner


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